Pumping system for digital inkwells

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The new system for feeding into low pressure of machines equipped with digital ink fountains


The system consists of a pump unit installed on board the machine are able to feed the digital ink ducts of the machine with a constant pressure of 3 bar.
The traditional systems require the use of pressure reducing valves installed in the vicinity of each ink duct, connected directly to the piping system pressure in the central ink pumping. Their function is thus to decrease the ink pressure from 100 to 3 bars. Having a high AP so happens that with low ink consumption or with variations of the input pressure, the mechanism blocks, stopping the ink supply to the ink fountain. At worst, the failure of the gearbox, lets the high pressure of pumping up the ink ducts, causing expensive damage.
The ELKODIGITAL system does not provide for the use of pressure reducing valves and works in the entire pipe installed on board in a low-pressure machine. The absence of adjustment components interposed between the pump and the connection to the ink duct ensures the inflow of ink consumption in any condition. E ‘with mechanical and electronic safety devices, able to stop the operation of the system in case of anomalies. A practical color touch-screen terminal 9 “allows quick and intuitive management of the system at any time by keeping the situation under control.
ELKODIGITAL can be powered with our already appreciated pumping plant ELCOLORA inks or interfaced with other existing pumping systems.