Ink supply system with level control (commercial, newspaper, packaging and continuous form)

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ELCOLORA: simple and intelligent system automatically and plumbing – for sheet-fed offset and rotary-already widely appreciated in Italy and in international markets that revolutionized the distribution of color:


With conventional systems it becomes necessary to employ more expensive components compared to those used with the ELCOLORA system, which adopts piping, fittings, valves etc. used commonly for water

  • considerable advantage on costs with EL-KO

negligible maintenance and low running costs for the entire plant

  • Another advantage on costs with EL-KO

Some key points that distinguish the EL-KO system:

  • pumps driven by hydraulic motor for drums and tanks
  • no sealing problem on the seals
  • consistent print quality because constant ink level
  • no overflow of inkwells
  • ten variants of change in ink level in the ink fountain
  • absolute safety in setting the levels, adjustable from the control pulpit
  • ideal for centralized supply and for different types of ink
  • indication of monitor, installed on the machine, the information about the assets of the pumping station functions
  • installations with pipes and valves normally used for water
  • operating costs and realization of significantly lower compared to the system that adopts compressed air
  • maintenance costs negligible
  • tanks with integrated heating system to fluidize the ink, avoiding so to heat the room.

They are already included in ELCOLORA software:

  • integrated measurement of fuel consumption per machine (max 5 rotary or 12 per sheet)
  • display screen showing of the amount of ink still in the containers
  • automatic stopping of the pumps when the drums or tanks are emptied
  • inkwells load even at a considerable distance (over 150 meters)

ELCOLORA is extremely advantageous if employed for more printing machines
EL-KO, in close collaboration with its customers, develops innovative techonology solutions in terms of quality and service: the results of these partnerships are rewarded by the satisfaction and trust of our customers, which continue to prefer the EL-KO system. Each plant is designed, manufactured and tested by EL-Ko in according to the needs of each client, ensuring speed, quality, safety and durability .

The customer can view the plant in “simulated function” before its delivery and the installation may be performed by the same customer, behind technical istrution by EL-KO. Besides the traditional care, an on-line control over installed system provides another quick technical support.

It was found by ink manufacturers that only ELCOLORA, are not altering the features, the homogeneity and the structure ok ink .

The customer satisfaction is the best advertisement

Upon appointment EL-KO offers the opportunity to view an installation in operation.