EL-KO pumps

Pneumatic pumps for the extrusion of high density products

Pumps for extrusion of high density products (up to 30,000 CPS) for:

  • offset inks
  • mastic
  • hill
  • sealants
  • fat
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These pumps are fully pneumatic, with single or double column lift, according to the use, built on a platform for the positioning of cylindrical drums.
A practical roller allows you to easily position the drums along the axis of the pump,
Moreover, the presence of a centering template ensures the perfect position of the drums along the axis of the pump.
Each pump is fitted with a pressure regulator, pressure gauge, on / off switch, switch to the battery of expulsion, each installed in a visible and accessible position.
The pneumatic motor coupled with the pump is able to operate at as low as 0.2 bar.
All parts in contact with the product manufactured can be provided in different ways, according to the required use (stainless steel, galvanized steel or with special treatments).
According to the number of pumps required, we are able to provide modular structures (max 4 pumps for each unit), easy to handle and complete with all the pneumatic connections and process, without installation costs for the customer.
With our thirty years in the field of automation, we are able to provide the special structure, designed especially for your needs and a full set of accessories.