Experience and Innovation

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EL-KO, using latest generation products and technologies, projects e realizes solutions of:

  • electric cabinets
  • pneumatic and oleodynamic automations
  • automations of existing systems
  • measuring systems e levels controls
  • monitoring systems
  • software and hardware developments
  • project and realization of special machines and devices according to Customer requirements
  • technical assistance and services
  • service for oleodynamic pumps, cylinders, valves and parts of pneumatic and hydraulic circuit.

Experience and InnovationThe EL-KO industrial automation systems are able to meet the ever more sophisticated needs of customers. We have a research and development department, both hardware and software, is moving in two directions: to increase the potential of our systems based on the requests we receive from customers and, perhaps more importantly, look at ways that we perceive can improve the activities of our customers. Our experience should guide us toward solutions that anticipate customer requirements.